Uniconnect: Bridging the Gap in Campus Trading Practices

Tuhina Chakma, Tarun Kumar, Sreya Majumder | pp: 65-69

Abstract: Uniconnect is a web application platform designed to provide a convenient way for university students to buy, sell, and exchange their used textbooks, stationeries, and other related materials. The platform enables students to connect and interact with each other to trade and exchange items based on their needs and preferences. This research paper focuses on the development and evaluation of the Uniconnect platform as a means of promoting sustainability and reducing waste in the university campuses. The study includes an analysis of user behavior, user satisfaction, and the platform’s impact on the environment. The findings suggest that Uniconnect has the potential to significantly reduce waste and increase the availability of affordable textbooks and stationeries for students. Overall, Uniconnect represents a novel approach to sustainable campus living, and its success can serve as a model for future sustainable initiatives.