Sullage Management System

V.M. Suresh, Ashapriya K, Durka Devi M, Roshika K | pp: 70-77

Abstract: Sewage water contains toxic gases which may cause harmful effects on both humans and the ecosystem. Unfortunately, India lacks a proper monitoring system for detecting toxic gases in sewage. Exposure to sewage gases can cause serious health issues such as fatigue, loss of appetite, and even death. To address this issue, an IoT based monitoring system is proposed that detects the presence of toxic gases, their level, and flow of sewage water in real time. The system is equipped with various sensors such as gas detecting and flow detecting sensors to detect toxic gases. When the level of toxic gases increases beyond the normal range, the system sends an SMS alert to the main authority responsible for managing the sullage area. The proposed system uses Java for both frontend and backend. By implementing this monitoring system, the risk of disease-causing situations due to toxic gases can be greatly reduced.