Smart Parking System with Automatic Payment

Author(s): Amal VS, Antony Pavu, Neeraj VN, Sneha George

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) plays a major role in today’s world by connecting day to day things to the networking system, thus providing a way for accessing electronic devices from any distant location. The growth of population and commercial development leads to a huge increase in number of vehicles. So that, spending too much time for searching a parking area/slot in the city is time consuming and also lead to substantial financial costs. Hence, in this paper we present an IoT based smart parking management system that would help the user to find a perfect parking space without wasting any time. The system consists of a smart phone application which have a mobile wallet and a user can search parking areas nearby the user’s location, choose and book for a slot in a parking area from the smartphone. With the help of RFID technology and cloud Integration, the system can provide real-time detection of improper parking and automatic parking payment collection. We also implement a way to incorporate non-booked users into the system. The proposed system will surely help users to overcome the difficulty of parking and also saves much of user’s time.