Real Environment WPA/WPA2 Reaver/Airgeddon Hack and The Enhanced Methods for Preventing Authentication Hacking

Author(s): Adithiya Alagarraj, Balaji Radhakrishnan, Riyaz Ahmed

Abstract: This paper covers the various methods that are available today to hack the real environment wireless networks and the ways to prevent such attacks on the wifi systems. As, wifi serves as a fundamental component of our daily day life in which various transactions occurs as a part of it. In order to prevent the loss of information and to take care of the data hacking by hacking he keys that WPA/WPA2 uses, the hackers are able to sniff the data across the wireless network. There is a very serious weakness that prevails in the current scenario that employees WPA/WPA2 encryption mechanism. A hacker who sits within the range where the user lies has a low hanging fruit to easily hack the network system. The most easily used method for the attack is Reaver attack which is an easier, step by step phenomenon to hack the wifi network wherever it could be.