Author(s): Abhirami C A, Gayathri S, Aparna Rajan, Agheel Kareem ,Gayathry S Warrier

Abstract: Most of the day, our generation uses a phone. Consequently, phones now have become an “assistant” rather than just a communication tool. With this aspect in mind, we wanted to use the phone as a personal assistant for helping users easily prepare delicious meals even if they don’t know anything about cooking. Using TasteDiary, it is possible to find a recipe specific to a dish the user would like. The Internet offers us many solutions to help us plan our meals, and, right now, there are many web sites that help us organize the food we eat. TasteDiary makes it easier to find recipes easily and faster. The user can either log in as a beginner or as a professional. The application not only allows the user to search for recipes and preparation but also allows them to check on the calories consumed by them daily. Along with this the professionals are provided with an additional feature to upload the recipe of their dish. Despite the fact that there are food search resources, none of them have recipe addition capabilities. In TasteDiary we added large-scale recipes which will be helpful for the user to find their favourite dishes. During this pandemic situation, the taste diary application helps the user to learn more about cooking and stay healthy at home.