A Survey on Healthcare Chatbot using NLP and Machine Learning

Author(s): S J Aadithyan, U Sreelakshmi, Jeeshna K, Athulya N, Nisha Rose HA

Abstract: As the demand in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence keeps growing, new technologies will keep coming in the market which will impact our daily lives and one such technology is Virtual Assistants or Chatbots. Chatbots have evolved over years from being Menu or Button based to Keywords based and now Contextual based chatbots. The most advanced among these chatbots is contextual based because it uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.ML and AI is used in these type of chatbots is to store and process the training models which will help the chatbot to give most accurate response when user asks domain specific questions to the bot. The aim is to create a healthcare chatbot using Artificial Intelligence that can diagnose the disease and provide basic details about the disease before consulting a doctor. This will help to reduce healthcare costs and improve accessibility to medical knowledge and as it is the time of pandemic it becomes very useful as the users doesn’t required to go to hospitals for small issues . The chatbots are computer programs that use natural language processing to interact with users. Our project aims to provide the users immediate and most accurate disease prediction based on the symptoms that user is or are facing .The disease prediction chatbot is developed by using natural language processing concepts and machine learning algorithms. For the prediction of diseases, we have used Decision tree algorithm. Healthcare chatbots are a gamechanger for healthcare industry.