Smart Municipal Biomedical Waste Disposal for Indian Cities

Abstract: The management of municipal solid waste in India is a severe problem because of both environmental and aesthetic concerns. Moreover, this is compounded by the sheer quantity of waste that is generated per day. As of 2016, India is the largest producer of municipal solid waste, based on calculations by the World Bank and we are going to hold this dubious distinction till as long as 2050.One of the main issues with the current method of waste disposal is the inability to differentiate the waste materials at the point of collection itself. Also, the system can be made far more efficient provided we can understand when we need to collect the garbage. The proposed solution addresses both the above-mentioned issues. It consists of a sensor which can segregate the recyclable materials from the non-recyclable ones, enabling the processing of the waste to be efficient and less time-consuming. It also consists of an IoT based waste tracking system using which the garbage collector will receive a message once a particular waste bin gets filled to its top.