Road Block Detection Using Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Abstract: Traffic congestion in a road comprises increased vehicular queuing, slowing of vehicle speed and the total blockage of road segments. Relevance of this system comes here as it reduces traffic congestion through giving alert to upcoming vehicles in particular road segment .The alert can be about vehicular accident or it can be any block like fallen objects or even the heavy vehicular queuing would be informed to vehicles so that they can take alternate option of another road with less traffic intensity As this system provides sudden detection of road blocks due to an accident or other hazardous situation, it can alert the vehicles speedily than any existing system. RSU (road side unit) is the communication infrastructure between vehicle and a cloud server. Server receives and processes the information from vehicles and sends alerts and acknowledgements. Vehicle to vehicle communication is provided for the broadcasting of alerts. Communication network would be a vehicular adhoc network. Machine learning algorithm called support vector machine has been used to process the data.