Industry 4.0 Based Semi-Automatic Electric Heavy Vehicle Used in Industrial Sectors

Abstract: We know that our world is developing at a rapid pace, and new technologies are getting invented every minute, especially in the industry sector. This is one product that will benefit any technology-driven factory. To explain this project in a single line, it is “A fully automatic or a semi-automatic electric heavy vehicle which can be used especially in the industrial sector”. This is a four-wheeler heavy vehicle that has a robotic arm in the front portion and the remaining portion can be used to store/keep the loads. The prototype of the product can be compared to a toy lorry (structurally), where instead of the driver’s seat we’ll place the robotic arm and the remaining portion is left free to load and unload the goods. The next feature of this vehicle is that, this is going to run with the help of a line follower, so that it moves in the desired path. We also provide a sensor at the front and the back so that the vehicle stops if there is any obstacle and that could be done by adjusting the distance for sensing the obstacle. The robotic arm used here can be controlled manually either by a smartphone or an IR remote. The main use of this product is to transport, load and unload goods with less human effort and we have also used stabilizer legs for stability purposes.