Performance Study of Dibutyl Ether Blended Petrol in SI Engine

Author(s): D.B. Sivakumar, P.Gopal, Azhagiri Pon, S. Arunkumar

Abstract: A single cylinder small engines have low compression ratio (CR), and they run with slightly rich mixture, their power are low and emission values are high. In this study, was used to increase performance and decrease emissions of a single-cylinder engine. Initially, the engine was tested with gasoline and Dibutyl Ether at full load and various speeds. This method is used for increasing the fuel efficiency of a vehicle by adding different percentage of Dibutyl Ether to the petrol. Due to the continuously increases in the cost of fossil fuels, demands for clean energy have also been increasing. Therefore, alternative fuels sources are sought to have alternate source for petrol without altering the existing engine or slight changes in the engine at low cost. In this paper the engines is tested without blending and with blending of Dibutyl Ether in various proportions with petrol and the corresponding readings were recorded.