Performance and Emission Analysis of a Single Cylinder CI Engine using Jatropha Biodiesel with Hydroxy (HHO) Gas

Author(s): P. Gopal, Azhagiri Pon

Abstract: Now days, there are many sources of renewable energy. Bio diesel is just one source, but a very important one. Currently Jatropha biodiesel (JBD) is receiving attentions as an alternative fuel for diesel engine. Present work is focused on analyzing experimentally the performance and emission characteristics of Jatropha oil biodiesel and addition of HHO gas along with Jatropha oil biodiesel in a single cylinder compression ignition engine. Biodiesel is extracted by transesterification of non-edible crude jatropha oil using ethanol and KOH as a catalyst. The biodiesel is blended with diesel. The blends used are J15 and J.HHO gas is produced from the process of electrolysis by using KOH as an electrolytic solution. The produced gas is made to passes through the bubbler are sent to the intake manifold of the intake air. The performance and emission characteristics are noted down and compared. It was observed that there was a rise in brake thermal efficiency and lesser specific fuel consumption, Reduced Oxygen content in exhaust gases, lesser HC and CO emission and there was a rise in NOX emission when HHO is supplemented with biodiesel. Performance characteristics obtained on supplementing jatropha biodiesel fuel with HHO are obtained from the experiments.