Experimental Analysis of Thermo Electric Refrigeration System by Using the Solar Power

Author(s): P. Gopal, Azhagiri Pon

Abstract: Investigational sample of thermoelectric refrigeration system working on solar photo voltaic cells generated DC energy. The urbanized tentative example having a refrigeration space of 1.36liter capacity is refrigerated by using heat sink fan assembly to increase heat dissipation rate from hot side of cooling module. The experimental result shows a temperature reduction without any heat load and with 30.4°C water kept inside refrigeration space in 30 minute with respect to 37.2°C ambient temperature. Also the COP of refrigeration cabinet has been calculated. The developed thermoelectric refrigeration organization is having possible submission of storage and transportation of life saving drugs and biological equipment at remote areas of our nation where grid authority is engaged.  The project support heating and cooling. The project has different applications similar to, military, medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Thus it proves to be very helpful.