Lightweight Privacy-Preserving and Secure Communication Protocol for Hybrid Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

Author(s): R.Tamilarasan, K.Preethi

Abstract: Lightweight protocol is secure communication and preserving users’ anonymity and location privacy in hybrid ad hoc networks. The payment can be secured without submitting or processing payment proofs (receipts) with our Lightweight Privacy-Preserving and Secure Communication Protocol. Also Symmetric-key-cryptography operations and payment system are used to secure route discovery and data transmission but preserve users’ anonymity with low overhead, we develop efficient pseudonym generation and trapdoor techniques that do not use the resource-consuming asymmetric-key cryptography. Pseudonyms techniques do not require large storage area or frequently contacting a central unit for refilling.. Developing low-overhead secure and privacy-preserving protocol is a real challenge due to the inherent contradictions: Securing the protocol requires each node to use one authenticated identity, but a permanent identity should not be used for privacy preservation.