Experimental Studies on a Dimpled Tube Heat Exchanger with Copper Twist Inserts

Author(s): S. Thulasi, S. Jaisankar

Abstract: Heat Exchanger is equipment which transfers the energy from a hot fluid to a cold fluid. In this experiment there are two pipes are fixed one over another. One is copper pipe and another one is Galvanized iron pipe. The hot water passes through the copper pipe and the cold water passes through the Galvanized iron pipe. The copper pipe surface has dimpled for 5mm diameter; it will resist the   flow of cold water. The galvanized pipe surface absorbs the heat from the water in the copper pipe. The inlet and outlet temperatures of the water have measured by the temperature indicator. For passive augmentation technique concept the two types of copper twists such as delta wing and centre wing twisted tape has placed on inside of the copper pipe to resist the flow of water and increases the retention time of water, the heat transfer enhances and efficiency increases up to 8-10% with twisted tape inserts at minimum twist ratio of 3.