Implementation of Puma [Protocol for Unified Multicasting through Announcements] in MANET

Author(s): P. Thiyagarajan

Abstract: An ad-hoc network is the self-organizing network that does not needed a wired infrastructure. Each node can communicate with another node, no access point controlling medium access is necessary. Multicast is a transmission method that allows copies of a information/message to be sent to a selected group of receivers. There are number of multicast protocols are available such as protocol for unified multicasting through announcement [PUMA], on – demand multicast routing protocol [ODMRP], multicast ad hoc on-demand distance vector protocol [MAODV], the adaptive demand – driven multicast routing protocol [ADMR], core assisted mesh protocol [CAMP].In this paper, implementation of protocol for unified multicasting through announcement in mobile ad hoc network. In that protocol first we can form a multicast group. In that multicast group we can elect one of the node as a core. Selection of a core based on the node ID which node having highest ID that will be as a core of a group. The receiver will be a part of the group. Protocol for unified multicasting through announcement is a receiver initiated approach. When the receiver is demand occur at that time send the request to a core node. The core node will announce the entire network. Who having information send to the core. Now the core will be multicasting to the receiver. The receiver will receive the data to the minimum hop count. Using the protocol for unified multicasting through announcement protocol the packet delivery ratio is improved and control overhead is reduced.