Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Radiator using Water Sprayers

Author(s): T.Senthilkumar, P.Gopal, M.Manimozhi

Abstract: Heat exchangers find use in several applications such as in automobiles, refrigeration, air conditioning, and water treatment plants. Radiators are a class of heat exchangers in which heat transfer occurs by means of air flowing across a series of finned tubes, eventually decreasing the temperature of the fluid to be cooled. The energy crises of recent times have necessitate disproved heat transfer rates and at the same time the need for making heat exchangers smaller and more energy efficient .The performance of a heat exchanger in which flow of air is employed to cool the flow of Water can been handled by spraying water as a fine mist into the stream of coolant air. The water droplets, preferably less than 100microns in diameter, coat the heat exchanger surface on the air side of the heat exchanger and provide evaporative cooling. The preferred form of heat exchange surface has strip fins.