Fabrication and Analysis of Diffusion Bonded Joints between Magnesium and Copper using Nickel Interlayer

Author(s): P. Navaneethakrishnan, T. Senthilkumar, G. Manikandan

Abstract: The experimental investigation of diffusion bonding of magnesium and Cu in vacuum was carried out by using nickel interlayer. The microstructure of the welded joints was studied by SEM, EDS, XRD and the mechanical properties of the samples were tested by tensile experiments. The hardness of diffusion welding area was significantly higher than the substrate. Fusion of welding dissimilar metals is difficult due to the formation of intermetallic compounds in the interface. Diffusion Bonding [DB], particularly the DB with interlayer is often resorted to as an alternate method for joining dissimilar metal combinations. The applications of DB with interlayers are steadily increasingstarting from Aerospace to Automotive industries. Diffusion bonding with interlayer is an emerging technology providing solution to diffusion bonding of dissimilar materials.