Experimental Studies on Exploitation of Worn Transformer Oil (RTO) as a Substitute Fuel in a DI Diesel Engine

Author(s): R. Saravanan, R. Naveetha Krishnan

Abstract: Salvage and recycling are superior option to originate energy or value added products from ravage gist and to curtail the disposal problems. Transformer oil is normally used as a coolant in welding transformers, power transformers and electromotive units. After a stretched use in these campaigns, the transformer oil becomes ravage and is disposed of. The disposal of worn transformer oil (RTO) causes an environmental pollution. However, the RTO has properties that are similar to that of diesel fuel with a slightly higher viscosity and lower calorific value. The present survey is aimed to salvage the RTO as a possible spring of energy to run a small powered, single cylinder, four strokes, and water cooled, direct injection (DI) diesel engine. Dissimilar techniques such as amalgamation, operating the engine to study the engine behavior in terms of performance and emission when the engine is fueled with the RTO. The results are analyzed and compared with diesel operation of the same engine. At higher loading condition the specific fuel consumption was most closer than diesel.