Experimental Investigation on Mortar Surface Coating Using Nano GGBS and Nano Granite Waste Powder for Hydrophobicity

Abstract: Durability is an important factor for the quality of concrete and to last for long time without remarkable deterioration. The high cost of coating materials limits their large scale application in concrete. In this work a low cost waterborne stearic acid (calcium stearate), a by- product of steel GGBS and Granite waste powder are introduced to improve the water repellent and corrosion resistance properties. Hence, the super hydrophobic coating is prepared by sonicating the synthesized Nano GGBS and Granite waste powder into a mixture containing a hydrophobic agent. Different methods of application of coating such as drop casting and spray coating are used.. This work is carried out to achieve a water contact angle > 100 which is of hydrophobic. The hydrophobic performance and durability of the coated cement mortar has been reported based on the water contact angle, sorptivity, water absorption. Ultrasonic pulse velocity test is done to study the surface porosity on the coated surface. As a result the drop cast specimen exhibited near to the super hydrophobicity with the water contact angle of 145 degree.