Design and Analysis of a Miniature Supersonic Wind tunnel

Abstract: The aim of the project is to design and analyze a miniature supersonic wind tunnel. . This supersonic wind tunnel will be an intermittent blow down type. The tunnel is operated by using the compressor and pressure vessel with a capacity of 6000 cubic liters at a maximum storage of 12 bar pressure. The tunnel is designed to have a flow of Mach 1.6, Mach 2.1 and Mach 2.6 in a 35mm x 17.5 mm test section. The nozzle was designed using the Method of Characteristics to minimize the shocks in the test section. The tunnel components, C-D nozzle, Test section and the Diffuser has been designed in CATIA. The flow passing through the wind tunnel is simulated by ANSYS (Fluent).