Disinfection Robot

Abstract: People uses hospitals and facilities for recovery and rehabilitation. Keeping a perfect and safe medical care climate is the top most need, and huge advancement should be made in disinfection techniques. Current manual cleaning techniques are not adequate in battling against microorganisms. During treatment of transmissible diseases manual cleaning methods are not a good option in isolation wards and ICUs, as it can cause more danger in transmitting the disease to cleaning staffs. Infection prevention technologies, recovery and rehabilitation of transmissible disease requires an upgradation which will give create changes and give birth to a new era. We can provide better care facilities by using efficient ultra violet disinfection robot. This technology has innumerable characteristics and opportunities to use in other places like offices EMS vehicles and assisted facilities. The system consists of a robot and a monitoring unit. Monitoring unit sense the room parameters like temperature, Carbon Monoxide, Poisonous Gas etc. The officials/doctors can monitor the current room parameters at IoT cloud server, without going to the room. Once the parameters are checked, we can navigate the robot using IoT based wireless communication. Robotic system receives the data from server and goes to the isolation wards/labs/ICU. Robotic navigation is controlled by joystick and the robot will carry out the disinfection process by the help of UV light attached to it.