Domain Based Malware Detection Using MI

Abstract: Digital assaults against people, organizations, and associations have expanded as of lately. Digital crooks are continually searching for powerful vectors to convey malware to casualties to dispatch an assault. Assailants for the most part utilize an order and control (C2) worker to control the correspondence. To play out an assault, danger entertainers regularly utilize an area age calculation. DGA is a robotization procedure that aggressors use to make it harder for protectors to ensure against assaults. DGA permit malware to speak with C2 by producing an assortment of organization areas. Proposing an AI structure for recognizing and distinguishing DGA areas to lighten the danger. The proposed AI structure comprises of a two-level model and an expectation model. In the two-level model, we initially characterize the DGA areas separated from typical spaces and afterward utilize the grouping technique to distinguish the calculations that create those DGA areas.