Cabby-The Ride Sharing Platform

Abstract: The ride-sharing services became highly regarded in urban transport and is one in all the 5 main shared economies. As we all know the dynamic developments among urban transport systems have created ride sharing capable enough to substitute cab services. This project creates a ride sharing platform wherever we will share our personal vehicle with the person having the same destination to hide. It helps individuals to avoid wasting time, money, fuel and helps nature in its quick recovery. Automobile Pooling may be a great way to burn up the total commodiousness of a car/bike, which might otherwise stay unused if it were simply the driving force victimising the car/bike. Our plan is basically straightforward as, if user A desires to move from a town with his/her vehicle, whereas user B ought to venture intent on a spot in between the destination of user A, user B will move towards user A lawfully through our platform. For this service, user B is charged a little fare,which in fact, is a smaller amount than the prevailing taxi charges. We tend to respect our customer’s security and use measures utilizing image process techniques to avoid frauds. Through cross checking between the user’s govt. approved id and live selfie, we will make sure that the registered person itself is sharing the ride. The user giving the ride will opt for the amount of seats to supply in line with the commodiousness of his car/bike. Another nice advantage is that we tend to be serving to cut back the amount of personal vehicles on the road , therefore tributary to a far better system and a better tomorrow. Our project will certainly be useful for individuals with no personal vehicle. The top technologies used are Flutter, Firebase, Image process, ML and so on. Our final aim is to cut back traffic and pollution, thus creating the planet a betterplace.