Study of Advanced Runway Rubber Removal and Human Health Causes Due to Tyre Wear

Abstract: The project copes with the study the effect of road surface structure, the human health issues of laborers related to aircraft tire wear on airport runways. One of the major operations involved in the airport maintenance is to ensure the safe landing and takeoff of the aircraft, which is decided by the adequate runway pavement texture. Certain parameters of runway changes in a period of time due to several factors. Hence it is very important to check the runway conditions in a period of time. One of the major issues spotted in the runway surfaces which causes the unmanageable landing and take-off of aircraft by the presence of the rubber. When the wheels of the landing aircraft impact the runway pavement they deposit rubber on the pavement surface. The increase in the thickness of the rubber build-up is estimated to be about 0.05μm for each. The removal of the accrue rubber deposits plays a vital role in deciding the pavement skid resistance.