Evaluation of Mechanical Properties Using Sisal Fiber Reinforeced Polymers

Author(s): A. Manikandan, Cyril Reuben Raj, T. Senthilkumar, P. Gopal

Abstract: Natural Fibers have an outstanding potential as reinforcement in thermoplastics. The objectives of this experiment are to evaluate the suitability of producing natural fiber composites using sisal fiber. This study deals with the preparation of Sisal Fiber composites by using hand layup method in which good interfacial adhesion is generated by a combination of fiber modification and matrix methods. Initially the sisal fibers were treated in order to improve resin fiber interfacial bonding. Generally, composites that contain treated fiber have a higher tensile modulus and greater flexural modulus than do untreated fiber composites.  The goal of this project is which composites fiber best and related to other composites .In this type of project to determine mechanical properties and strength calculation identify this result. Composites with volumetric amounts of fiber in 30% were fabricated and they were arranged in continuous oriented discontinues form. Here using continuous orientation method for composite fibers with polyester resin to check tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength to give greater strength composite materials.  It was observed that the effects of reinforcing vinyl ester matrix with the fibers caused the composites to be more flexible and easily deform due to high strain values and reduction of high resonant amplitude.