Characterization of Diffusion Bonded Joints

Author(s): G. Mahadevan, T. Senthilkumar, S. Muthupandi*, G. Mahadevan

Abstract: Titanium – stainless steel joints are made in nuclear applications for better corrosion resistance. Conventional fusion welding is not a feasible technique to join these kinds of dissimilar joints due to the formation of chemical, mechanical and structural heterogeneities. Solid state joining is a suitable alternate to overcome the difficulties. No melting is involved in solid state welding; hence melting related defects are avoided. Recently, diffusion bonding has become a viable process in the fabrication of structural hardware or fluid and gas flow devices for aerospace and electronic industries. This paper presents the fundamentals of the diffusion bonding process and its applications in aerospace technology including thermal management devices for missiles, liquid rocket engines, and millimeter wave hybrid horns for land and space surveillance.