Design and Analysis of Camless and Valveless Engine

Author(s): Pon.Azhagiri , T. Senthilkumar, M. Jignesh, P. Gopal

Abstract: The cylinder head has come a lot of variations throughout the years. The engine operates using camshaft and rocker arm via pushrod and valves. But it has gone many modifications like Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) and Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC), the variable valve timing engine. But the power consumed in all these engines are higher and also losses in power due to friction is also significant. The latest years of technology is working on the idea of Camless Engine and there are many ways in achieving that. Our project focusses on designing of camless and valveless engine by using rotating disc operated by Electric motor. By using the disc in place of cams we will be able to reduce the overall cylinder weight and also we can utilize the power consumed by the Camshafts. The Disc will be placed in between the Manifold and the combustion Chamber. The Engine speed sensor determines the speed of the disc and position sensor sets correct alignment of disc The whole process is controlled by Engine Control unit.