Design and Analysis of Four Arms Portable Auto Jack

Author(s): G. Elatharasan, R. Manikandan, G. Karthikeyan

Abstract: Scissor jack is a mechanical device used to lifting vehicles. As a working of jack screw to change the rotational force into linear motion is allowing required height. In this investigation the shape of jack designed by a diagonal metals and similarly for the pair of scissors. Using CATIA package for high-resolution parametric design and analysis purpose modeled by ANSYS software over a huge amount of loading conditions. The diagonal metal components and same way for the scissor jack. In this investigation to supporting a load of 5KN for wheelers has designed and analyzed.  Observation from the  recent reviews, various failure analysis of screw jack such as material distortion of energy for heavy load, high work, teeth failure, arm and screw failures. Using design changes of diagonal metal shape to increasing efficiency for heavy loadings good serviceability and workability.