Wick: AI and IoT based portable bot for interactive computation and analysis of data

Author(s): Jobel Johny, Mary Siby, Mayrose Antony, Melwin George, Krishnadas J

Abstract: Chatbots are now part of cultural narrative and are even more sophisticated. It is hard to find who has not had an interaction with a chatbot or virtual assistant. This project is to extend what chatbots can offer in the new digital era. Wick is an intelligent chatbot for mobile devices with extensive functions like data analysis, visualization, prediction and training ML models. It can also communicate to IoT devices and hardware. It has an interface with a user friendly interaction including speech and voice recognition capability. The application processes user queries with the help of Natural Language Processing and Networking, thus providing the user with the most relevant results including text, images, files etc. The application also has a cloud server which is in sync with the local databases of all personal devices. This project aims to build a much more enhanced chatbot that is not bounded to any servers and also provides sophisticated functionalities like training and deploying ML Models from any datasets, controlling IoT devices with interactive functions etc.