Utilizing Released Automotive Engine Oils as Alternative Fuel for small heating application

Author(s): Suresh D. Mane, Roopesh Vernekar, Razeefali Jamadar, Pravin Paramkar, Shaikh Meraj

Abstract: Large quantities of lubricating oils are used in our automobiles, farm machinery and industrial processes; creating the need to address the issue of what to do with them when their useful life is over. Recycling of used engine oil products allows this non-renewable resource to be used many times reducing energy requirements but leads to many a potential environmental problems as the recycled oil does not meet the ILSAC, SAE or API standards for want of required additives and hence leads to faster wear and tear of engine components leading to greater environmental pollutions. An attempt is made to utilize the used engine lubricating oil from automobiles and design a furnace for heating applications viz. heat treatment and non ferrous metals melting in foundries which can provide higher heat energy than that being achieved using solid fuels. Many design iterations were undertaken and finally the objective of utilizing the heat energy was achieved by combustion of the oil with air in a single throttle swirl burner. The design was conceptualized to melt aluminium which is undertaken in foundries which are available in large numbers at Belgaum. Complete Design of the parts, Plotting assembly, sub-assembly drawings and fabrication of the burner has been undertaken and finally the used engine oil has been successfully burnt in the furnace to melt aluminium.