Design and Analysis of In-Line Three Cylinder Engine by Using Primary Balancing Method

Author(s): K. Sathiya, M. Vinoth

Abstract: The inline three cylinder engine or straight – three cylinder engine is an inside combustion engine with all three cylinders mounted in an exceedingly line or plane on the housing. The objective of the paper is a way to develop and design the engine components like piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel and its assembly are designed by using primary balancing method. Lower numbers of cylinders on an engine results in higher torsional vibrations[1].One measure of engine torsional vibrations is engine cyclic speed irregularity. Higher torsional vibrations can limit engine operation at lower speeds. So the higher torsional vibration can be controlled by changing firing order of the crankshaft and also adding and removing mass at any area of the engine components. Here increasing the flywheel mass reduces speed irregularity during engine operation.  Hence, the paper deals with the structural analysis on various ceramic based metal matrix composite materials. The engine components are designed by using SOLIDWORKS software and Analysis are performed using ANSYS WORKBENCH software.