Study On Knowledge and Skills About Nutrition Care Process Before and After Hospital Internship Among Dietetic Students

Author(s): D. Shanthi, Alice C Pauline, Aswathi N S, Kavya Jyothi H, Moirangthem Kripa Devi

Abstract: The aim of the study was to compare the knowledge and skills of the dietetic students about Nutrition Care Process before and after internship. The respondents (n=107) selected were dietetic students who had undergone 6 months internship in a hospital setting. Online questionnaire (type form) was disseminated to the respondents. The data was analyzed using the paired sample t-test. The results of the study revealed that the level of knowledge attained on Nutritional assessment after internship (p=0.005) was high, skills obtained on Nutritional diagnosis showed significant difference (p=0.004) after internship, knowledge gained on Nutritional Intervention after the internship was higher (p=0.003) and there was a noticeable variance (p=0.001) in the skills acquired on Monitoring and Evaluation before and after internship. The study concluded that clinical judgment of the respondents was higher in post internship than in pre-internship and the nutrition care planning skills acquired during internship along with clinical exposure helped the students to enhance their skills.