Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete by using Demolition waste as Coarse And Fine Aggregate

Authors(s): A M.Saravanan, M.M.Vijayalakshmi

Abstract: The cost of construction materials are increasing to a high rates for a conventional building and it is a major factor that affects the housing delivery worldwide. This has necessitated research for alternative cost of effective materials in construction. Therefore properties of concrete with Demolished concrete (D&C) waste are used as aggregate replacement of conventional aggregates and the study is done with M25 Grade Concrete. In these studies 3 different combinations of natural materials and D&C Waste content is used at the proportion of 50% Recycled Coarse Aggregate(RCA), 50% RCA & 10% Recycled Fine Aggregate (RFA), 50% RCA & 20% RFA has been replaced with 1% of Steel Fibers Reinforcement . The cube , beam and cylinder are casted as samples and tested , and then the physical & mechanical properties are determined. The samples are tested for density, compressive strength, flexural strength & splitting tensile for 7 ,14 & 28 days and then it is compared with conventional concrete.