Study of Biogas Production Using mixed Fruit Wastes

Author(s): T.V. Rajamurugan, R. Venkatesaperumal

Abstract: The volume of solid wastes produced steadily increased due to the population growth, development of industries and modernization. Generally, large volume of vegetables, fruits, food waste and flower waste are produced, which are used as raw materials to generate biogas, and used for better alternative for other fuels. These wastages are produced in hostels and hotels on a daily basis, which could be converted to society benefits. The current study deal with the biogas generation from fruit waste was conducted. The fruit waste added with water and loaded into the container. Biogas generation was measured for a period of 19 days and at an average temperature of 30˚C. Biogas generated from 7th day of loading and reached maximum level on the12th day from the reactor. The average biogas production from fruit waste was measured. It is concluded that the waste can be converted into biogas and used for various purposes.