Design and Development of 3 Wheel Omni-directional System

Abstract: This paper presents the design and implementation of the three-wheel holonomic motion system of a mobile robot designed to operate in homes. The holonomic motion system is described in terms of mechanical design. The paper analyzes the kinematics of the motion system. Holonomic drive, in the realm of robotics, refers to the ability to move in all direction and rotate independently. For example, a tank, which has to rotate before it can move in a different direction, would not be holonomic. Holonomic wheels are wheels with 2 degrees of freedom. They are also known as omni-directional drive wheels or omni-wheels for short, sometimes written as omniwheel. The three wheel system proposed in the paper differs from the original 4 wheel Mecanum drive used in most applications. The conventional wheels in our vehicles move in just two directions viz. forward and backward. We have to change their angles with our steering wheels to move the vehicle along another direction. This changes the orientation of the vehicle and it faces in a different direction. Some objectives of the paper are: to help the vehicle traverse in multiple directions without changing its orientation; to provide advanced mobility to the vehicle; to make driving an easier experience. The scope of the project includes: help in parking as there will no longer be a need to change the orientation of the vehicle; the system will help in changing lanes on the road and thereby reduce the chances of accidents. After solving the equation given below we can find out the velocities of the three wheels of the vehicle needed in order to obtain the desired motion. The paper also discuses the difference between four wheel drive and three wheel drive.