Study and Evaluation of Solar Water Distillation with Parabolic Disc Experimental Setup by Using Hybrid Nanoparticals

Abstract: This paper describes the productivity of pure water by using hybrid nanofluid with three different concentrations (0.08%, 0.12%, 0.16% Al2O3, and a fixed amount of TiO2) in a vacuum environment with help of the experimental setup parabolic solar collectors. The temperature difference at the focal point and non-focal point falling from the parabolic solar collector is 110°C, experiment conduct under climatic conditions of MMMUT, Gorakhpur, India.In this experiment, increasing the concentration ratio between base fluid and nanofluid, respectively 0.8%, 0.12% & 0.16% yielded the productivity 720 ml/h, 805 ml/h & 920 ml/h respectively.