Security Improvement for IoT Communications Exposed to Eavesdroppers

Author(s): M. Arthi, S. Karthik, S. Gayathri

Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm that is rapidly gaining ground in the scenario of modern wireless telecommunications. In IoT, any devices having sensors and computers can interact with each other. Among all present technologies, the techniques for the fth generation (5G) systems are the main driving force for the actualization of IoT concept. But the security assurance against eavesdropping in the 5G network is a challenging task, because of the heterogeneous environment and the broadcast nature of radio propagation. In the present study, transmission design for secure relay communications in IoT networks was analysed in presence of eavesdroppers with unknown number and locations. A specially designed randomize and forward relay strategy for secure multi-hop communications was used in this study. During the study, the eavesdroppers and devices were first equipped with single antenna and the secrecy outage probability expression for two hop communications was derived. Then the devised were connected with multiple antennas and the secrecy rate maximization issues with respect to secrecy outage probability constraint were formulated. The results reveals that proper utilization of relay transmission can extend the secure coverage range improve the security level.