Real-Time Surveillance of People Violating Social Distance in Closed Spaces

Abstract: The whole world is affected by the contagious disease, Covid-19 or Corona virus. The government has released many rules and regulations to prevent the outbreak of this corona virus. The very important step to avoid spread of these virus is to keep social distance and to wear double mask but many of the people are not following social distance in closed areas like shops, banks, etc which lead to increase the spread of corona. So we find a solution for this problem through our project. We implement a system through which the owner of a particular shop could monitor whether the people are maintaining social distance or not. Using a web camera we record the video of people entering shop and detect the people in that video. Then we count the number of people entered and exited from the shop and also calculate the distance between them. By keeping count of people we could limit their number and by calculating distance we could tell whether they are keeping social distance or not. If they violate the court number or social distance a warning message is shown in the terminator, so that the shop owner can warn them by the message of abnormal violations. We use YOLO, CNN, Open-CV with Computer Vision, etc to implement our project. Our project will be an asset for future as this project can used for prevention of all contagious diseases.