IoT Based Virtual Reality Firefighting Robot

Abstract: The firefighting robot principle is a real-world implementation of computational robotics that involves the development of a simulated robot to accompany firefighters by putting out the fire. Our paper aims to develop a virtual reality firefighting robot that can be operated remotely using IoT technology is being planned. The desired procedure is carried out on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, aims to provide as many extensive data about fires as possible. A fire extinguisher is mounted on the robot’s body, and its operation is controlled by a signal from the Node MCU output via the Blynk App. A relay module connects the fire extinguisher pump. The robot’s navigation is powered by a smartphone that has the Blynk Mobile app installed. The Node MCU ways to support is linked to a motor driver IC L293D, which allows the controller to power the DC motors used in robotic navigation. Our paper is also modified by coupling it to a pi camera so that the person in charge can monitor the robot’s activity from afar.