Private Security and User to User Relationship Using OSN

Author(s): R.Kayalvizhi, L. Helen preethi silviya

Abstract: In current years we are undergoing the wonderful growth in Online Social Networks (OSNs) and develop a hundreds of millions of Internet users. Digital social communications and information security are the means offered by these OSNs, but also raise a number of security and privacy issues. Multiple users of OSNs constrained privacy users are constrained to access the shared data, without any mechanism. Users and resources in online social networks (OSNs) are interconnected through many types of relationships. In specific, user-to-user relationships form the origin of the OSN structure, and show a major role in specifying and applying access control. Separate users and the OSN provider should be allowed to specify which access can be granted in terms of current relationships. In this investigation a user-to-user relationship-based access control (UURAC) model, allowing users the ability to express more sophisticated and fine-grained access control policies in terms of type pattern and depth of relationships among users in the network. Type pattern captures the pattern of relationship types along the relationship path from the accessing user to the target user. Regular expression-based approach for policy specification. Sequence of characters and quantification notations are employed to denote relationship paths, which express indirect relationships among users. The use of regular expression and multiple relationship types gives the policy language the ability to specify more neat policies. We demonstrate two path checking algorithms to determine whether the required relationship path between users for a given access request occurs. After implementing a prototype system and calculating the performance of these two algorithms.