Development of Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Alarming System using OpenCV

Author(s): N. Tiruvenkadam, R. Raghul, P.R. Karthik

Abstract: Driver drowsiness is recognized as an important factor in vehicle accidents. It was demonstrated that driving performance with increased drowsiness results in approximately 20% of all vehicle accidents. The development of technologies for preventing drowsiness has been a major challenge in the field of accident avoidance. In this research article we have developed a system which detects drowsiness and provides an alert to the driver. This system incorporates video analysis using OpenCV and PYTHON IDLE 2.0 with the help of a digital camera. This is a noncontact technique for detecting various levels of driver fatigue. The  developed  model  will  be  able  to monitor  driver  fatigue  and  provide  an  alarm  when necessary,  it  is  possible  to  reduce  the  rate  of  accidents caused due to drowsiness by implementing this system in vehicles.