Power Efficient Channel Estimation and Signal Detection on Downlink using MIMO-OFDM Technique

Author(s): J. Nandhini, S. Senthamizhl Selvi, S. Gayathri

Abstract: The channel estimation (CE) and multi-user detection (MUD) has become a crucial part of iterative receivers. It requires high power for receiving a transmitted signal for multiple user. To overcome this problem we proposed a MIMO-OFDM system. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has drawn substantial research interests during the past decade and has been deemed as the key component of future wireless communication systems to mitigate inter symbol interference and enhance system capacity. channel estimation and  multi-user detection  scheme is proposed for multi-user multi-input multiple output (MIMO) aided orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing  (OFDM) systems. By using a new joint blind CFO and channel estimation method for OFDM system with multi-antenna receiver, which gradually improves the accuracy of the channel estimation and the multi user detection. This method supports fully loaded systems and is valid for multiple user with low power consumption by using OAT methodology. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed channel estimator is capable of approaching the Cramer-Rao lower bound.