Performance of Secured Communication in OFDMA Based Cognitive Radio Networks

Author(s): G. Meera, R. Selvarasan

Abstract: To propose a secure cooperative communications theme for MIMO orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) based cognitive radio networks wherever a primary base station (PBS) needs to transmit information to some distant primary users (Pus) within the presence of a collection of passive eavesdroppers. In this model, the transmission is performed in two consecutive slots; within the initial time slot, PBS transmits whereas secondary users (Sus) and therefore the eavesdroppers listen. within the second slot, Sus transmit whereas PUs, secondary base station (SBS), and therefore the eavesdroppers listen. In planned model, (Sus) area unit allowed to use the accredited spectrum of PUs as long as they assist PUs to satisfy their secrecy rate demand. I have a tendency to assume a frame based mostly transmission wherever every frame is split into two consecutive time slots of equal period. And  proposed scheme  multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology with cognitive network provides  more secure and efficient communication than that of the conventional scheme.