Performance Enhancement of Proton Membrane Exchange Fuel Cell – A Review

Author(s): A. Manikandan, J. Dhobarathy, T. Senthilkumar

Abstract: Fuel cell is an important alternative preferred, which employs chemical energy to produce electrical energy. PEMFC (Proton Membrane Fuel cell) employs the reaction energy that is produced by the combination of Oxygen and hydrogen. As the name signifies the membrane is used in the place of a liquid electrolyte. This effectively lowers the operating temperature. This paper analyses the microscopic and macroscopic aspects of this fuel cell and its control to improve the efficiency and its rapid commercialization. The fuel cell set up and the related concepts like the virtual photon, temperament and the improvement of availability of heat is analyzed briefly. A comparative study of NAFION and other contemporary membranes explaining the selection criteria. Incorporating Nanotechnology in the forthcoming fuels will improve the operational parameters. And the components using nanotechnology by which it can cut past the operational efficiency of conventional engines is discussed in detail. There are few difficulties in commercializing this fuel.  Solutions for these difficulties and drawbacks are suggested in this paper. A comparative study of PEMFC and other fuel cell is made… The advancements that can be made in this technology are given as a foresight.