Design Optimization of drilling process parameters of EN -24 steel plates using Design of Experiments

Author(s): T.T. M. Kannan, R. Pavendhan, R. Ajith, S. Yuvasiri

Abstract: Metal removal Techniques is a mature technology involving several disciplines of sciences. It is a continuously change in line with strategies material developments though out the manufacturing industry worldwide and also developing the metal cutting industry. EN 24 steel findings many applications such as Shaft, axle, gears and fasteners due to their strength to weight ratio. In this experimental investigation on drilling process of En24 steel plate with various drilling parameters such as spindle speed and feed rate and diameter of drill to find the optimum range of response parameters such as Surface roughness.  The process parameters using L9 Orthogonal array of Taguchi design of experiment methodology with 3 levels and 3 factors of input parameters and optimized by Signal to noise ratio.  The main objectives of this research work which identify lower surface roughness of drilling process through experimental analysis and theoretical calculations using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The result of the experiments indicates spindle speed play a dominating role in surface roughness in drilling process of EN 24 steel plates.