MAGLEV Aided Landing and Take-Off (GABRIEL PROJECT): A Revolutionary Concept

Author(s): Sambhu Prasad, N. Sathesh Raja, Bharath B.S.

Abstract: Air transport system at the future will address various challenges such as safety, eco-friendly, reliability, cost and time efficient etc. These ones have an impact on the aircraft’s take-off and landing (TOL) process. To deal with it, several methods and techniques are implemented, most of with marginal modifications resulting minimal gains. Therefore, radically new and innovative methods, techniques and structural solutions are required to confront future challenges.

The GABRIEL maglev TOL is based on magnetic levitation to assist aircraft take-off and landing. Unlike from other ground- based technologies, prior studies points that MAGLEV technique can bring out better perks for both the future and present air transportations. This paper mainly spotlights the operational viability of GABRIEL PROJECT (Integrated ground and on-board system for support of the aircraft safe take-off and landing) along with scientific explanations of MAGLEV technique in detail.