Comparative study of F-22 Raptor and Chengdu J-20

Author(s): Kalidas R, J.V. Muruga Lal Jeyan, Indrajith Prathapan

Abstract: The F-22 Raptor and the Chengdu J-20 are fighter aircrafts capable of supersonic flight, stealth and extreme maneuverability using in American and Chinese military industry respectively. In this paper, we are comparing these two fighter jet aircrafts to study their merits and demerits over one another. The study is mainly focused on the engines WHITENEY F119-PW-100 (F-22) and SHENYANG WS-10G (J-20) where the parameters such as engine power output, thrust to weight ratio, endurance, afterburner properties, cruising properties and maximum flight speed are considered.