Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium based Composite Material

Author(s): D. Mala, T. Senthilkumar, M. Rajkumar

Abstract: Magnesium metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with 2, 4, and 6 wt % of boron carbide and molybdenum disulphide particulates. The aim of the work is to investigate the corrosion and mechanical properties of magnesium based hybrid composites through powder metallurgy route. AZ-91 alloy systems has been paid much attention because of its widespread use in engineering application. In this work, AZ-91 Magnesium alloy hybrid composites reinforced with different ratios of boron carbide (B4C) and molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) through powder metallurgy route. Powder metallurgy (PM) is a widely used fabrication method for producing metal matrix composites. This usually involves three major stages: blending of the metal and ceramic powders, pressing or cold compaction, and sintering. Specimens were prepared through powder metallurgy by which more uniform distribution of particulates in the metal matrix without or with less excessive reactions between the matrix and reinforcement. Micro structural characterization of Mg MMCs showed generally uniform reinforcement distribution. The hardness values also shows improvement in addition of reinforcement with AZ 91 alloy.