Friction and wear Behavior of Al 7075 Alloy and Al 7075/SiC/MoS2 Hybrid Composite

Author(s): R. Pavendhan, R. Ashok Raj, S. Monisha, M. Mohammed Safique

Abstract: In this paper, as attempt has been made to investigate the friction and wear  of the unreinforced Al 7075 and hybrid aluminium metal matrix composite reinforced with the hard ceramic (10 wt% SiC) and soft solid lubricant ( 3 wt% of MoS2) fabricated by using stir casing method. Micro hardness test were conducted on Al7075 and Al7075 hybrid composites. The Al7075 hybrid composite exhibited better hardness than Al7075 alloy. Sliding wear test were conducted by non-lubricated pin-on-disc. The sliding wear tests were carried out at 30kg loads, 1m/s speed and 2000m sliding distance. Wear of the hybrid composite is lower than that of the unreinforced Al 7075 in specified load, sliding speed and sliding distance. To recognize the mixing of reinforcement, microstructure was examined using optical microscope. Finally sliding wear behaviour of Al7075 Hybrid composite compared with sliding wear behaviour of unreinforced Al7075.