Chatter Suppression and Tool Wear Optimization Using Coated Boring Tool Holder

Author(s): K.Parameshwaran, R. Kamalakannan, M. Prakash, R. Kalaiarasan

Abstract: Chatter is a self-excited vibration that occurs during any machining process. Chatter vibrations were induced during boring process due to cantilever shape of boring bars. These vibrations increase the temperature of the boring tool further which ultimately increases the tool wear. In this project a suitable damping material is fixed on the boring bar, used to measure temperature for various positioning of the damper, various levels of speed, feed rate and depth of cut. The main objective of the work is to design damped tool holder for existing machine tools with low cost. The improvement of the damping capability of boring tools and suppression of chatter were attempted using different types of dampers such as Copper and Brass. These materials are having high density and so that inertia mass of the boring tool is increased to suppress the chatter of boring operations. Modal analysis of boring bar is done by using ANSYS software in this present investigation. Modal analysis is used to determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of a structure. The natural frequencies and mode shapes are very important parameters in the design of a structure for dynamic loading conditions.